Sony NW-A35 Review! (Hi-Resolution Audio Player)


This is a review of the #Sony NW-A35 Portable Hi-Resolution Audio Player. This device can play numerous file types such as MP3, FLAC, ALAC and DSD. Is Sony’s 21st Century #Walkman going to be a classic? Find out in this review.

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  1. a cable I need to take with me, where..?
    I already use 3 types of usb`s, AND lightning, a WM port cable isn`t really the end of the world..

  2. Wow whiny lil bitch … you’re complaining about carrying one extra cable with ya and it’s not micro usb. Soo fucking get over it. It’s like it 50 ton rock you have to carry around.

  3. When I transfer ALAC files from iTunes to the I get “Unknown artist” and "Unknown album" on certain files, while others are ok and work perfectly. The files also have 01 in front of the name. Anyone else have this problem?

  4. Seems every review has the exact same talking points.No difference of opinion,no discussion on other features or of what it lacks,Like maybe some file formats not supported.Just talk about the cable not being USB and that it's a bad thing in every youtube review.

  5. 🔴🔵i would like to share my important information about my new device SONY NW – A45 😍
    🔵🔴The first thing I would like to tell you is that the sound of the device is very pure and outstanding with head phone like Bose with noise canceling , because you will notice the great difference in sound purity and clarity. Therefore, you do not need to download special audio files for sound purity, through it or in your car sound system , because the mp3 is very loud and pure and enjoyable , i am a music teacher and i notice all the details of each rythm and bass and Each musical instrument separately, but you have to pick the song with good quality from internet , no need to any high res audio file , It is very easy to buy a mini sd card and then format it, then put the sd card in the reader sd card memories, create a file in the name of music, and put in it the mp3 songs, and you can classify the songs by create a special file for each singer, but they all must be inside the ( music ) file you creat it before ,, then remove the sd card in the correct and safty way and not remove it directly so as not to lose the data you saved , after that you can remov the sd card from the reader and put it in the device 😊👍👍

  6. screen quality should be lower to dump the prize a bit, its a MP3 player afterall. its no worth the prize tag as is

  7. Great review. Have you seen the NW-A45? Curious to know your thoughts on it.
    I don't mind the proprietary cord since Apple products have their own proprietary cord. No biggie.
    Also what is the ABC? And how or why would you use it?
    What are your thoughts now that you have had it for a while?

  8. The volume is capped on EU models. Sent it back to Sony 3 times but to no avail. GUI is very small indeed.

  9. Can you drag and drop MP3s into your playlist using Windows Files explorer. Can you create Playlist on your PC them copy them to this device? thks

  10. How is the volume?

    I have a couple of Android devices that don't play my metal songs loud enough, so I have been looking for something that can really blast my music nice and loud!

  11. Someone replies. if this player sounds the same as a smartphone with Sony phones. There is some difference in quality or it is pure publicity.

  12. Could someone tell me how to use a bookmark list in this walkman.? I know how to add a song to bookmark list but no idea how to find bookmarked songs 🙁


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