Sony Smartband Talk Review & Phone Call Demo


My Sony Smartband Talk (SWR30) overview and review. I also demo how you can call people from your smartband with voice commands by calling my mum. More info here:

Sony Speaker Test
Sony waterproof walkman




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  1. Hello,

    the video is older but is the SmartBand Talk SWR30 compatible with the Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact?

    Otherwise great video and the reaction of your mother was great. 🙂

  2. Hello #EllyAwesome, congratulations for the review. I would need information on some features of the band, I hope I can help. Even if it is a smart phone a little dated Sony continues to update it with new features and potential? Nice and nice proof of the call with your mother hehe. Did you try to call in the car to see if you feel good and feel good? Also, important for me, can you tell me if the vibrating alarm works if you turn off your phone after setting the alarm?

    Comment out of the subject: you are very pretty.

    Thank you

  3. Поздрав. Regards, thanks for your opinion on this product. Preaty autentic nature video. I just want to say i am great fan of the smart watches and staff but this is great for my work also. So i bought not one but two 😂 (second hand)😋 Except that i will keep following your new videos & new products to😂

  4. pagalchat h tum.. Gandhi khi ki.. jub v koi gadget ka review kiya jata h to uska buying link description me diya jata h..
    (for you i m also commenting on English.. r u mad?? because U didn't gave the buying link of the gadget i reviewed

  5. do you know wich touchscreen bands u can answer a phone call with? i would like to have a band with touchscreen and you can answer a phonecall thorugh your band. regards

  6. i no this is a old post but i was looking into useing mine or selling it i got it for free when i bought my mobile from the 02 shop but the swr30 has just sat in corner until i seen this post you made me wana get it out & use it this is a fantastic review Elly Awsome your poor mam when she finds out you uploaded this on her but i must say i totaly love your little laugth lol x

  7. I just purchased one of these- like literally an hour ago. But- I am totally disappointed to find out it's not compatible with my iPhone!… WTF?!
    Not one of the 2 people I spoke to in the JB HIFi store I bought it from, or the person I spoke to at a Sony store bothered to ask me what is clearly a key question when choosing this product- "what sort of phone do you have?" Pretty simple. Luckily, my wife has a Samsung Galaxy and likes the band. Me on the other hand- I'm still pissed off about it and have to find another product… Though there is nothing else that has all the features I want for my budget!

  8. Mình Đang Bán COn Sony Smart Bandtalk Swr30 Này Giá CHỉ 2.600k Bảo Hành 1 Đổi 1 12 Tháng SĐT 0905201260(đức) ĐỊa Chỉ ,,, 166 Trần Nhân Tôn, Phường 2,quận 10 TPHCM

  9. hiii….elly !

    Why each incoming call into my swr30 not display the name or number of the caller? …. pairing with samsung galaxy v

  10. Is there a single person on YouTube hotter than Elly Awesome when she laughs?
    If so, I haven't seen them


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