Sony Smartband Talk – SWR30 – REVIEW



Sony Smartband Talk with E-Ink technology, you’re able to take phone calls with this plus read notifications. Sounds promising! Watch the review to find out if its all cracked up to be. Feel free to +1/Share



Sony Smartband Talk
Sony Smartband Talk Review
Sony Smartband Review
Sony Activity Band




ODESZA – Say My Name (feat. Zyra) (Hayden James Remix)

K-391 – So Slowly



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  1. great review! I know the Smart Band talk is a little old now but I look forward to getting mine pretty soon. thanks for showing off a lot of great features…

  2. Hi Jim, at your video 8:20, shows a REM sleep indicator. Is that just your assumption? or can LIFELOG really determine DEEP SLEEP and REM SLEEP?

  3. a lot has chaned. u can read most of the messages (messenger-with FB profile picture, wapp,viber-with profile pic) even partially answer them and in the most cases the whole text (even my Emails) is shown. u can at the most cases control the youtube by voicecontrol as well as google search with some of the questions answerred back by voice.

  4. Hi Jims,

    The notification only appear when SMS come? What about whatsapp/telegram or other chat app.


  5. you cant read previous messages -_- sounds like a calculators… oh wait… you can look over past equations on some calculators!! lol i thought i would like this smartband after using gearfit….you can only use gearfit with a samsung…. sigh 🙁

  6. hii jims,

    Why each incoming call into my swr30 not display the name or number of the caller ? pairing with samsung galaxy v

  7. Hi Jim, I just want to ask about talk band, does it have a timer? I am looking for wrist band sport with timer that can help me to do my exercise. I always use my phone to set 89 seconds or 1 minute and 29 seconds every work out and 3 repetition. I get tired of handling my phone every time it alarm. that's why I am looking for wrist band or smart watch can give me a TIMER.THANK YOU

  8. @JimsReviewRoom does it take voice notes?Like if I have a basketball game and I tell this smartband to set a reminder about that,is that possible?


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