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Sony SRS-XB40 Review


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  1. Hi Jim! The Luminesence can be turned off by press the Bass Button little longer. Nice review tho, keep up the good work.

  2. Do you know if you can charge the speaker while it's on and does the charge button turn red when its plug in and speaker turned on

  3. Quality is good☆>らf   sound is good and with how I use it I can usually get up to a few days out of it between charges. My only complaint would be it can vibrate a bit when turned up really high.

  4. I want to buy two for stereo but watching movies with it, how is the latency ? does it increase when you pair the second speaker ? thank you !

  5. Hello my friends:

    I had the light of my Sony SRS XB40 permanent and stable, meaning no flashing, no DJ, no lighting effects, nothing but just a one color, stable light.

    But a couple of days ago I touched it something and now I can’t leave just the way I had it.

    I tried Sony Music Center and Fiestable, they offer “Raven”, “Cold chilling” and many other lighting options, but I don’t see any option to leave the light stable, one single color, no effects, no flashing, nothing else but just a simple stable light.

    How can I get that…?

    I thank you in advance for your help.

    Best greetings from Charlotte, North Carolina, Jose.

  6. Apparently, my Samsung s9+ doesn't offer LDAC nor those my sony srs-xb40 in the Bluetooth option. I know that I can go into the developer options but I want a more permanent solution? Thanks, Jim

  7. Don’t get me wrong this is a quality speaker, but I miss some tweeters. And for a 200$ speaker, I’m disappointed.

  8. Just saw this at Costco for $89… the display wouldn't work, so I couldn't give it a listen…but after this review I think I'm going to get it 🤔🤔🤔

  9. These XB40’s are sold at Costco for $100…I was wondering if it’s worth the buy or to buy a new version/brand?

  10. Very informative and fun to watch.
    I’m going to buy one and hope it works better than what I’m now using which is a Amazon echo plus.
    I would love for you to compare a Apple HomePod to a Amazon echo!
    I know this Sony is just a speaker and the apple and echo are more than a speaker but I am stuck at home a lot, working and right now healing from a fall that broke my nose,foot, tore my knee and gave me whiplash and a bad concussion.
    Point is I could have used a echo when I fell and was stuck on the bathroom floor for a little bit.
    I am thinking of buying a echo or HomePod for my 95 year old grandma so she could holler: Amazon, call police.
    It’s so difficult to tell the differences at the stores especially the sound differences.
    I do really appreciate the attention to detail you give.
    I could do most of the work, finding all this information but it is much easier and more fun watching your videos, while I’m laid up recuperating.
    So thank you very much!

  11. Great video Sir! As a precaution, please be aware that when the battery strength goes down to around 20 percent, some folks report down to 50 percent, the sound minimizes until its recharged!

  12. My speaker goes low volume when it is at 60% charge. Is this normal? I understand that it’s suppose to this when low but 60 is not low…if it’s not someone pls help.


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