Sony Tablet P Review: Pocketnow Throwback


Once upon a time, tablets were clamshells.

… Yeah, 2012 was a weird year. Join us for the latest Pocketnow Throwback review, featuring the bizarre Sony Tablet P!

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Sony Tablet P Review: Pocketnow Throwback



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  1. I think they could've take a risk and try to remove all bezels between two screens, it would not have been durable but still who wants to buy this for long term use?

  2. Seems Sony was onto something when they made this. Now we do have foldables, although they are way more advanced now.

  3. It would make me really happy to own one.. im a fan of old tech.. and i still use my intel atom 2008 netbook as my daily driver.. and keep my i7 laptop on the cabinet almost all the time.. lol.

  4. Sony making their own software is bad in this case… good luck rooting or doing any kind of software work on this thing.

  5. And now… 4 years later… It's 2019 and Samsung has released its own take on the folding tablet… Sony was definitely ahead of the game. Though, Nokia with its line of Communicator smartphones were definitely the OGs.


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