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Sony Theme Creator 2018

Guide on how to Create Theme for Xperia Devices.
1. Goto (
• Goto Gets Started
 Step A
1) Download Theme Creator

2) Unzip Theme Creator
NOTE : Unzip Theme after done Installing JDK+JRE. Then Run Theme Creator.jar with Java…!!!

 Step B
1) Download Photoshop Templates

2. Goto (
3) Download Java
 JDK (Java Development Kit)

 JRE (Java Runtime Environment)

NOTE : If when you want to install the JRE in Windows 10
and occur ERROR 1618, Try to restart your computer first
then try to reinstall JRE again…!!!

3. Install the JDK and JRE firstly then next Unzip After that, Theme_Creator.jar run it with Java by right clicking mouse.

4. Finish. Happy making a good theme 

Download PDF Step :

Sound :
Software : Camtasia 9


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