Sony Vaio Pro 13 vs Sony Vaio Pro 11 comparison


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Sony has managed to pull almost the impossible: a 2.4 lbs 13.3 inch ultrabook and a 1.94 lbs 11.6 inch model, the Sony Vaio Pro 13 and Sony Vaio 11, which feature the latest Intel Haswell CPU, so we’re talking good battery life from pretty meager batteries.

We’re still talking about ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) CPUs here, so your array of daily apps will work just fine, but don’t expect to run powerful apps easily.

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  1. Very disappointing review. I came here to find out if the same sheet battery fits both the Vaio Pro 11 and 13 or is it a different sheet battery for each one. Does anybody know? Thank you

  2. Not sure if it's available retail with 8 GBs, however I was looking to order one from Sony's online store and the configuration options allow for 4 or 8 GBs.

  3. Just a quick discrepancy, the Pro 11 comes with either 4 GB or 8 GB of RAM (in the video it is stated that it can only go up to 4 GB)


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