Sony VAIO S13 Review (2012 13" VAIO S Series Model)


A review of the Sony VAIO S 13, 13.3″ screen business style laptop, with an Intel Core i5 3rd generation processor from the Ivy Bridge family. The VAIO S under review comes with an Intel Core i5-3210 processor, 640GB of HD space, 6GB of RAM and Intel HD 400 graphics. However, the VAIO S13 Premium model can come equipped with an Nvidia 640m graphics card, Core i7 processor and fast SSD for a screaming performance machine.

The VAIO S13 is nice and portable, it weighs under 4lbs and is less than an inch thin. However, it does not have the disadvantages of an Ultrabook, you get an optical drive, removable battery and can upgrade things like RAM and hard drive yourself.


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  1. Isn't there a version with the Geforce 640 LE but without the high res screen?
    That's what I had. Good laptop. Then it bricked : (

  2. I know this is pretty late but Minecraft cannot run on my VAIO S13. When I start it, it runs fine for around five to twenty minutes and then freezes my entire computer. I get the notification that the display driver stops responding. Sometimes, the computer blue screens. This only happens with Minecraft, and I've found various forum threads complaining about the same issue. Everything is up to date, yet my computer still rejects Minecraft for some reason.

  3. Is it reliable? I have had 2x e11 and i returned them cause of errors and black screen, Mostly i had problem with sleepmode, like every 18 time it has crashed the system realy bad, so i had to reinstal it.

  4. I have that same processor with the Intel HD Graphics 4000. If anyone is wondering, it plays minecraft just fine but you have to put in FAST mode to get the most FPS. Team Fortress 2 runs perfect, tekkit is playable but not as smooth as minecraft and Feed the Beast is laggy, but just playable. I have the E series and the build quality is not the best, i would really go with the S series. Go to and click on the computer tab, there you can customize your laptop and get what you want!

  5. yes of coz, he mention that the intel hd4000 will suffice for web activities. n some very light gaming like minecraft

  6. Does having the dedicated graphics card lower your battery life overall? I don't care all that much about gaming. I would do some casual gaming on it once in a while but I have a desktop for that. I am mainly looking for a business / work laptop with good battery life and high build quality.

  7. Tbh, laptops aren't good for gaming, if you do this so, it will create problems on the laptop, if you plan on buying this laptop, take care off this. If you want a gaming laptop, go for alienware.

  8. Light gaming only; the standard model, like the one in the video, has Intel HD 4000 as a graphics card. If you want better video card get the S13P. That's what I have.

  9. Nice review – I've been looking for about 3 months for a new laptop that is around 13" but is NOT an Ultrabook. Choices are a little limited outside of Ultrabook category but this looks perfect. I am going to buy one this weekend. I've never tried Sony laptops so hopefully it measures up. I will swap the HDD for an SSD though. Also just a note to UK viewers – if you are interested in this, Sony are currently offering a free upgrade to the Nvidia graphics card on their site.

  10. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
    João 3:16

  11. "bad screen resolution, very bad velocity, twice operating system was shut down. I forgot the time to returned and I'am paying my lost."
    would you agree with this? I'm interested in this laptop for college but I'm not shurr since I don't know much about laptops PLEASE help:)

  12. Dude, you can change all the brightness and keyboard stuff in VAIO control center. I have this laptop and it's excellent.


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