Sony VAIO Tap 11 Review


Lisa Gade reviews the Sony Vaio Tap 11. This is a full Windows 8 64 bit tablet that can run legacy Windows programs like iTunes and Photoshop as well as Metro apps. It has a lovely 11.6″ IPS full HD Triluminos display with wide color gamut that works with touch and the included N-Trig digital pen. The 1.7 lb. Tap 11 is available with 4th generation Intel Haswell CPUs, and the base $799 model runs on a 1.2GHz Pentium dual core. We recommend the Core i3 and Core i5 Y series CPUs for stronger performance, though that raises the price to $999/$1,099. A wireless keyboard is included and the tablet has 4 gigs of DDR3L RAM and a 128 gig SSD drive. It has dual band Intel WiFi N-7260, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and a rear 8MP camera with EXMOR RS technology. Check out our full written review here:


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  1. Awesome video! I use One Note a lot, can I rest my palm on the screen while writing with the stylus without having it interfere with One Note?


  2. Is there a reason why she isn't touching the screen while using the pen? Does the palm detection not work so well on this model?

  3. I'm looking to buy a laptop probably later this year and the only contender against the Macbook Air was the Sony Vaio pro and they've taken it off the market and replaced it with this shit. WTF Sony?!  I guess I'll buy an MBA then.

  4. Why buy this over the duo 13? If you compare it to their latest andriod z2 tablet (which is probably the best android tablet available) it looks like a different company made it. I would expect such a mediocre product from hp.

  5. I think its hilarious to read people bashing on this device… There are pluses and minuses to every tablet. I also would like to see someone use a Surface on there lap for an hour and tell me its comfortable. Seriously, who sits with their legs straight together in perfect posture. Give me a break people…
    My wife owns the tap 11 and I find her with the screen on the end table or coffee table with her keyboard in her lap while shes sitting on the couch, or sometimes using the stand as a handle while shes using the touch screen.

  6. It would be nice if sony created slimmer stylus and build in stylus dock (just like samsu*g did to ativ). Very good review, thank you Lisa Gade and MobileTechReview

  7. I am goin' to have a tablet ^^
    But I am thinking because I don't really know which to choose: Vaio tap 11 or samsung note 10.1 
    Please, give me some advice :(((

  8. Thanks for your video. But the quality is really bad even if I set it to full hd on the youtube player. It really does not have the 1080 p quality. I mean every single video that you guys are making. why is that? 🙁

  9. Thanks Lisa- another top notch review. I'm really disappointed this unit didn't fare better- I like the thinness and sleekness of this compared to the Surface Pro 2, but it looks like the performance, kickstand and keyboard could be a deal breaker. Thanks!

  10. Thus far I was in the believe that Surface Pro was just a mediocre design. Thank you Sony for disabusing me with this flimsy contraption. All of a sudden Surface Pro doesn't look that bad compared to Sonys brainchild.
    Charging the keyboard renders the whole device unusable !!!! That is truly a new low in bad design. Congrats.

  11. I think that this is a great first effort from Sony in the Windows tablet space and I expect to see much better from them in the future.


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