Sony Vegas Pro 13 – Beginners Tutorial


An introduction to the new Sony Vegas Pro 13 for beginners.
New Features to Vegas Pro 13:

In this video we look over the general user interface, importing media, the timeline & video and audio tracks, cutting/deleting media, transitions, video FX, inserting text and saving and rendering your video project.

We still haven’t seen a video trailer for Sony Vegas Pro 13 released yet, but you can check out the list of new features at
Purchase Sony Vegas Pro 13 (Edit, Normal or Suite):

Download the free trial:

Tips to speed up rendering times & increase performance in Vegas:

Render your video in 720p HD:

Render your video in 1080p HD:

Masking Introduction for Beginners:

Resize Video using Track Motion:

Slow Down / Speed Up video clip:

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  1. Dear, first learn how to present. Because of this video, one who want to purchase Sony Vegas Pro….definitely will drop his idea of purchasing this software. thumps down.

  2. You could have used some other video , where you are speaking so we can understand how to trim those gaps of hmmm, oh etc etc which we all youtubers do while filming a video..

  3. Hey, I have a problem with my timeline (video track) whenever I try to move a picture to another mini in between(marker) before the big marker, it doesn't let me move my picture to the mini marker only to the big markers could you help me out? (same happening in video event fx)

  4. here my own video of a simple and easy
    tutorial of editing a video in sony vegas pro 13…if you like pls do

  5. Cool Tutorial! My band created videos using vegas aswell. We didn't find it that complicated (we are still learning)
    Here's the result:

  6. 9:05 how do I make the secondary video simultaneously with the primary video but minimized and playing on lower left corner?

  7. Hello my friend I LIKE VERY MUCH you tutorial ,but I have a problem ,any time I trying to capture to Vegas with my camera jvc on the screen comes the (PREVIEW IS TURNED OFF) WHAT IS THE PROBLEM ? and how can I fix it? thank you.

  8. started very well,
    you should put the shortcuts in your description so we could click them and jump forward,
    also you might use the recording software that puts a red circle on your cursor, it's easier to see,
    and you could zoom in for us to seed the details of the menu. …

  9. Thanks! I have one problem right now. I am editing a short film and have many places I split the clips during dialogue, and can find no way to zoom into the video clips I have so I can see each clip very clearly. (The only "zoom" option I have found online is regarded to zooming in on a video while it's playing which I don't want.) Please help! Thanks!!


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