Sony Vegas Pro 13: How To Make Your Videos Look Like A Hollywood Film – Tutorial #117


In this video I’ll be showing you how to make your videos look like a Hollywood film. It’s done in the video editing software called Sony Vegas Pro 13. You can use Final Cut, iMovie, Vegas Pro 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13.
– Enjoy!

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  1. HELLOOO! i'm from Philippines,thank you very much for making tutorials. Before, I don't even know how to use Sony Vegas but after watching your videos now I know how to use it. Your videos helped me a lot. Again,thanks bro. Keep making more videos! :)) I hope u notice me.

  2. Remy comedy iyo ufuhira mushiki wawe

    ndagusaba gukora subscribe like share and comment uraba ukoze nshuti

  3. What hardware do you suggest for 4K editing (short 3 minute projects) with few CC filters thrown on, video stabilization for few clips, bezier masking for few clips. I am a long time (10 yrs) Sony Vegas user. I edit 4K video but only using 720p proxies. But even for that the system chokes when doing anything complex such as color correction or video stabilization (causes crashes). Id really like to know, in essence its editing just a 720p file so why the big fuss, what computer these days cant edit a 720p file with a few CC filters thrown on and some motion tracking etc ? Is it really making a 720p proxy or not ? Same thing when i take a pure 720p video from my DSLR or something and edit it, it runs buttery smooth on the timeline, with effects etc and even does stabilization well. The PC in question is a modest i3 6th gen but decked out with 4 SSD HDDS, 16gb ram. I dont care about render times. Im only looking for timeline n preview performance.

    PS : I wold gladly upgrade to an i9 and am even considering that right now. But in the end its all useless because even after investing that much still the systems will choke and crawl, and then they will say its not your processor but the motherboard. Change that, no improvement, change something else, graphics card, then M2 SSD. Computers are where you keep on putting in and see no MAJOR difference (My experience). Only a SLIGHT difference. I say this because the I3 6th gen does well with 720p footage then why stutter with a 4K when its proxied to 720p ????? I just dont want to invest and make Intel richer while seeing some paltry improvement here and there.

  4. doing a "digital' crop can pixelate your footage. Change the resolution of your project to get the bars and you wont get any pixelation. Look at "colour correction/colour code" rather than brightness and contrast. You don't need the bars too big…you still need some screen space for your video.

  5. this is the 1st video i watch on that guys name alex on my 1st video projects
    and now im a edittor of INDI FILMS alex man piz bump men keep it up GODBLESS thankyou some much for you men

  6. you always help me a lot!!, everytime i have question regarding sony vegas i check on your channel for tutorials.

  7. Assistance needed!

    This isn't related to the video but my Sony Vegas 11 will not open even after I've tried launch as administrator. I recently upgraded my computer with a new video card and some RAM but I'm still using the same operating system and other programs launch just fine except for Vegas.

    So if there's some kind of patch I can download to fix it or if I can just use the disk to reinstall it which I do have but I may not have the code unless it's in the booklet which I may still have if someone could please tell me that would be nice. Or any other solutions would do


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