Sony WF-1000X Active Noise Cancelling Truly Wireless – REVIEW


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Sony WF-1000x
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Sony WF-1000x Review


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  1. Hey folks. Update: Being 100% transparent, you have my utmost apologies for not testing the audio delay when watching movies/video. I did confirm after reading your comments, mine had the slight second to two latency issue. I did some research and found within Sony's website (Found here : they do acknowledge streaming movies/watching videos have a "natural delay." Whatever that means, but none of my earphones/headphones ever had this issue except the PowerBeats from a year ago. I believe the issue is now gone with Apple, but with Sony having this connection problem, it's a total let down.

    As a side note, I did mention my right earbud does disconnect from the left earbud during music playback. I wasn't aware the issue was this wide spread. I'm hoping there will be a patch or firmware update soon, if not and this is a hardware issue, I would be very cautious. As mentioned in my ending, I would not get these for $200… if they do drop in price, I would consider these as an alternative, but only after taking into consideration the connectivity issues and seeing if they have improved.

    Again, my apologies for not emphasizing the issue more than what should have been warranted in the video review.
    Hope that clarifies some things!

    Jim !

  2. Hi Jim

    Can I use these earbuds for noise-canceling without turning on any video/audio? I mean I just want sometime a noise-canceling when I read!

  3. these are at 69.99 on amazon. are these worth it after all this time or are there newer wireless earbuds for the same price with better specs? thank you.

  4. I have had these for about two weeks and regret buying them. The $20 cheap wireless ear buds I have work better. Sound better too. I'm very disappointed with these Sony's. It's actually the worst purchase I've made in a year or two.

  5. Come on Jimmy you didn’t mention is there any latency with Netflix and YouTube that’s what your channel is all about plus all else

  6. Jim, have you heard of the soon to be released WF-1000XM3 s? Hoping you'll grab a set and do you thang. Top notch reviews can't wait to watch your review and make my decisions like I did with the over ear ones (best decision I made). Could you compare them with the WH-1000XM3 s? Just for ANC and Sound Quality please? There's loads of specs which aren't the same like BT codecs and the quality of the chips they've used.

  7. Hey Jim. Sony just announced, I think WF-1000XM3. Could you make a review? 24 hrs of battery life? Really? For an in-ear headphones? And it's features just like from WH series. Would this be the best in ear headphones?

  8. There's a firmware update for these. I'm listening on them right now, no delay. Also, the right piece stopped cutting out. There are people that bought these for retail price, used them once, and then resold them after experiencing these issues. Like seriously, you can find these going for $40 on Amazon.

    Edit: Nvm the delays still there lol

  9. These have a severe delay in audio, only good for music but for video and games, the sound is lagging behind, Shameful earbuds for the price.


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