Sony WF-SP700n ANC Truly Wireless Earphone – REVIEW



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  1. Great review but on one hand these earphones are actually really old coz they came out in 2018 I think and noise cancelling on wireless earphones was something that was very new at that time. So in my opinion it shouldn't be put up against other truly wireless earphones because most of them released later and are more advanced now

  2. The earbuds only allow me to hear from one earbud when talking on the phone and also the short battery life is a downfall as well. Other than that it’s not that bad

  3. nice reviews but please include classical music in your critical listening sessons that's my beef with most of these so-called hi-fi tests.

  4. Awesome video. I wanted to find out more about these since they are on sale for $100. Based on your review I’ll pass!

  5. I regret buying these year ago battery life is worst! The only good things about these are Bass and sound quality

  6. Wishing you and your fiance well. We love love love your work. You are the best!!!

  7. they now come with fins I saw in the store. Would you buy them for 99$ renewed on amazon? I'm looking for some twb but honestly I'm not willing to spend more than 100$ at this point. Although I know for more money you get better quality all around.


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