Sony WH-CH500 Bluetooth headphone unboxing and review – Budget Bass Beast!


Sony WH-CH500 Bluetooth headphone review – Budget Bass Beast!

The Sony WH CH500 bluetooth headphones are the newest budget headphones in Sony’s headphone line. I got them from Best Buy when looking for some great Bluetooth headphones with Bass. I wasn’t able to check them out until the video. See what happened and see if I like them.
Check out the CH500 Vs JBL T450

Check out the CH510!

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  1. i just want a good cheap pair of Bluetooth headphones that dint bleed noise and it would be nice if they could fold. I normally look for ones that work wired too but its really hard and someone said that these headphones bleed so now i dont know what to buy.

  2. I've been a huge fan of Sony's reference line of headphones since the Walkman. These ch500's do not disappoint. I've auditioned many headphones and these by far blow the likes of beats, jbl , Panasonic clean the f@k out the water. The low end extension on these are comparable ( size to scale ) to my Rockford p3 in my car. I've fallen asleep many times with these on and they still fit tight. I liked them so much I bought two pair and use one at work ( mechanic ) and they hold up better than the DeWalt set I had. I got mine for 60.00 bucks off Amazon . I promise you get these and you'll stomp beats cus your soooooo pissed you spent way too merch on lesser quality phones. Also the mic on these is better than the one in my phone!!! And that's a very popular Samsung.😎 Overall I'd give these a big veiny throbbing erection on the boner scale.

  3. help 🙁 i have just 80 usd, and i want a good headphone, should i go for this model or the taotronic ones? wich would you buy if you only had 80 usd? tnkss! 🙂

  4. Great vid, great choice of music and headphones.

    Can I just add, I have a track that in the first few seconds of play shows how good the stereo effect of your headphones and player are.

    I play this track on an expensive (older) panasonic system because it perfectly reproduces the stereo as it should be.

    The track is the Four Tops – still waters run deep and its my test track for all new headphones.

    At the very start the singer says – Walk with me, take my hand.

    If your music system and headphones are good you will hear it clearly across both ears without any echoing.

    If your system is crap you won't. It will sound wooly or echo based. The words should be perfectly heard.

    Warning …… BOSE systems do not play this clearly nor do many other premium brands. Put the track on an iPod with Skullcandy headphones (all makes) and they are not good stereo headphones at all, nor is the player. On my Panasonic these headphones are not good.

    So in addition to your recomendations, take the Four Tops track along when you buy to get an indication of how good the gear is.

    Many thanks for this great info.

  5. Someone help me please i tried to charge the headphones today yesterday everything was ok and now i have purple light please??

  6. Thank you! В общем с английским туго, буду писать на русском- наушники и правда достойные, купил их после твоего обзора.

  7. Just tried these after jbl e45bt and I was dissapointed because of the built quality and the lack of bass compared to jbl🙄 just wish jbl had nfc

  8. I'm thinking about buying these for my brother on Christmas. I know he likes to do sports. Is it a great choice for a person doing sports ? Wouldn't it fall from all sorts of motion ? Can anyone comment anything about that ?


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