Sony Xperia T3 review


Recombu reviews the mighty 5.3-inch Sony Xperia T3 smartphone/phablet, packing tons of features at a decent price.

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The Sony Xperia T3 is an affordable 5.3-inch phablet with a 720p Triluminous screen and 8-megapixel camera, plus tons of other features, at a decent price. We review this mid-range monster to see if it performs as well as it promises.
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  1. Get the best deal for Sony T3 replacement parts. All iPhone Parts and Accessories available in discount like LCD, Batteries, Universal Return Key, Front Camera, Rear Camera, Charging Port Flex, Tempered Glass, Bottom Screws set, Wifi Flex and Sim Trays. Here the link below

  2. I have that phone, and i can tell you that this is amazing mobile,perfect camera both of them,and fantastic battery life.

  3. I'm watching with my t3 and honestly I fucking hate this phone. everything lags and crashes sometimes it doesn't turn on… it's just shit I got it 2 weeks ago and it's only been problems.

  4. I have this phone but my screen broke after 3 months and the corners breaks easily but i think that's because I'm bad with phones. I always drops it. I once drop it 3 floor down in my school but it didn't broke. Just a little bit on the side.

    So you don't know about the mobile. Sometimes the screen breaks from outta nowhere and sometimes it can survive 3 floors

  5. I dropped my Sony xperia t3 in the sink, full up. I pulled it out a few minuets later, not knowing it was in there,. the water ran off… it was fine! are you shore its not water proof????

  6. I know this is just a mid-range 8GB internal phone last year, but I wish they made all their phones 32GB* across the board. Right now in 2015 8GB doesn't cut it, and so is 16GB getting there quickly too. It upsets me because the Z Ultra was 16GB, and the T2 Ultra and T3 were made after, but chose to put 8GB which was like the Xperia L back in 2013… This would be a nice alternative once someone like me that breaks their hi-end flagship phone to go mid-range for a bit. I able to deal with lower screen and processor specs, but not internal space size as it won't hold at all the main apps need for a daily driver. I think plan obsolescence should not be in Sony business plan, as the mid-range market is quite large compared to Early-Adopters, that buy the latest and greatest. I wish Sony would leaked a way to swap the flash-drive chip like they did for iPhones 6s in China.

  7. I have the phone it is really frigale and corners break off easily when dropped so i advise you getting a case right away

  8. The Xperia t2 is the best phone I've ever had. And I've had many phones. Nexus. Almost all the galaxy flagship phones and I have to say I love this phone more than any of those. Service on at&t is surprisingly good in the USA. The screen quality isn't the same level as Samsung as far as videos on YouTube go but it's decent

  9. Why does no one can ever tell me about the audio quality of sony xperia t3 with headphones or without!! i cant find it anywhere!! can anyone just tell if the the audio quality of its headphone good?! im buying it but i cant decide until i know the audio quality !! anyone!?

  10. Great phone, the battery life is amazing. I can go 3 to 4 days without charging with casual to intense use. Considering the screen size this is pretty exceptional. Negative side, a whooping 3 out of the 8go of internal storage are already taken with uninstallable apps that Sony has decided I need. I guess most phones come with this amount of bloatwear though. Adding a 32go external micro sd helps, but most apps can't be stored there.
    Overall a great phone though!!!!


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