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Hey What is going on Guys, Mstifye here! In this video It will be an Ultimate Guide/Tutorial On Mastering All 6 Sports In Steep! (Wingsuiting, Walking, Sledding, Snowboarding, Skis, and Paragliding!) with Controller Cam! If you enjoyed make sure to leave a like! Subscribe for more awesome Steep videos like these! Thanks for watching, and as always have a great day guys bye!

This Video was recorded on the PC Version of STEEP.
-Wing Suit – 1:00
-Precision Wingsuiting – 2:49
-Proximity Wingsuiting – 6:18
-Walking – 8:21
-Sledding – 9:16
-Snowboard & Ski – 10:54
-Snowboard & Ski Scoring – 14:30
-Snowboard & Ski Racing – 17:33
-Paragliding – 18:51

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Thanks to Sinomatic and Bonecrusher for helping me find things I missed!

Songs used in this video:
Veorra & The Tech Thieves – Ghost Town
Peet – No Stress Instrumental
Dreamy Smooth Guitar HipHop Instrumental
DEAF KEV – Invincible
I do not own any of the songs I use in my videos all are owned by their respective owners.

What’s The Intro and Outro Song?
G-Eazy – Waspy ft. Tennis (Official Version)

Hi There! My Name is Mstifye, I try to provide the best content I can, the most frequently I can. As you can see most of my videos are revolved around skate 3, but I have plans to play other games when I am interested 😀 feel free to subscribe to get notified whenever I upload, and all together help me out along with helping the channel grow. Thanks for finding my channel and being apart of this awesome community.



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  1. I mean if anyone doesn’t like the game that much or doesn’t want to get it just imagine a game like skate 4 but walking is actually cool and relaxing like hOw

  2. I just found out a tip, that I wanna share. If you stop doing your trick right at the highest point of your jump, you won't use ase much g force.

  3. Yeeeeeeeeeeeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyyeywywywywyeyeyyeheheheheheyyxjskwosjsbrbdowkebneiweigh yythg CA a UK uajaibecelewkvtjsjf CD ishggihst

  4. Really great video! If I want to focus on racing, could you recommend some vidoes or youtubers or broadcasters? I also find skiing/snowboarding difficult to maneuver, especially at high speeds. Is there any way to make turning more precise? Thanks for your reply!

  5. This step world tour challenge to get top 100 is driving me up the wall. #1 spot is at 00:42:626 and I am #603 at 00:43.711. I don’t know how they are moving a little faster

  6. 11:37 pretty important
    Also thank you for this video since I love the game and plan for some videos on it

  7. I've started making STEEP videos again! If you want to see me 1V1 Steep Steep IN SLVSH, CLICK HERE! 🙂

  8. Diagonal exploit in proximity flying can help situationally, as the fast you are going when in proximity the quicker the score builds.

    Great video. Subd.

  9. I am confused right now , soo when you jump using your snow board while you are in the air why do you leave the left stick but keep holding the right stick does that mean if you hold both you get extra spin and if you hold the right one only you don't get that much spin as the first one

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