The Debate Behind Video Game Violence


Today, 65% of American adults and nearly all teenagers play video games. In 2018, the industry made more than $136 billion. Games look more real than ever, showing incredibly detailed violence. What do we actually know about how violent games affect us? Psychologists have been studying this for decades, but some are convinced that those who link violent games to aggression are completely wrong. Watch the video to find out why researchers disagree so strongly, and how we got here.

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The Debate Behind Video Game Violence


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  1. imagine how much more weird and graphical content was in that mod pack e.g blood etc and more deadly weapons and they only showed a snippet of what the full experience would have been like. personally i thin that after the kids had the gun in the game they werent violent they maybe just wanted to see what it would be like to experience it in real life out of curiosity, not inflicting harm on a person but the feel of it and the experience of shooting a gun

  2. No no look videogames do cause increased levels of aggression but so do sports, low level of sleep, any type of competition, people irritating you, and other negative influence in everyday life in general

  3. Yeah spoiler alert: If you don't explain to a kid how to behave around a gun then let them go in there after seeing guns in ANYTHING game or otherwise…they're more apt to get curious and pick it up. BET the same thing will happen with a monkey. 200IQ geniuses these researchers. If anything playing Doom when I was little made me more cautious around guns, of course my father taught me to fear and respect the power of a firearm at a young age. I understood that was NOT a toy and was very dangerous at a very young age. Little kid me was very aware that violence in movies was very different from the real thing. Some parents are just terrible, don't want to deal with their kids and don't teach them basic common sense things. Some of those same kids end up demented or have psychological issues. No one wants to look at the real problem, they want the simple solution. Trash research. Those kids that were more likely to mess with the guns would have done so if they had seen a movie with a lot of gun play, looked at PICTURES showing the operation of the guns to great detail and even if they simply witnessed someone previously picking one up and pointing it around the room. What a lot of these don't show is if a gun is fired around a kid that young they often get scared or freak out a little bit. Penn & Teller did a good one about this. I advise everyone to look into it. Poor kid was so intimidated by a real gun that it made him cry because he made the connection that the out of touch halfwits in politics and media were targeting him as someone likely to hurt someone just because he played COD and when a real rifle was fired around him it terrified him. Teach people to understand guns and we won't have as many problems. Here's a scenario: 100 unarmed people in a store getting shot at by a maniac or 100 trained armed legal gun carrying citizens in that same store…maybe that maniac gets one or two rounds off before 1 of the customers drops him like a bad habit. A few generations later, people might be a bit less inclined to go on shooting sprees when EVERYONE they're shooting at can shoot back. We can not be this stupid. I refuse to believe this level of ignorance exists. Especially in our elected officials. Incompetence to say the least. Make these people become avid gamers first. Have them go through the story driven and violent games they condemn so much first. Tell them they need to understand something thoroughly before they start making snap judgements and then see what they say.

  4. If video games really do cause violence then why does Japan, Singapore, south Korea has so low crime rates huh? Gaming is a part of their culture. Politicians are just making excuses.

  5. I bet 100 years from now (if we are all still alive) parents will complain about solar-powered rockets corrupting our youth.

  6. Another factor to consider is the parents who buy the video games for their kids. Just like with movies, video games have age ratings based on the more subjective content in the games. But most parents aren’t taking that into consideration for some reason. Because of this, if a kid is too young to handle what happens in the game, but also really wants to buy and play it, the parents usually don’t care and buy the game. There aren’t usually any complaints until the parent sees the possible effect on their kid it could have had, and when the parents complain, it is usually targeted at video games, when the parent should have known what their kid was seeing and experiencing in the game, because it is their job to take care of their kid(s).

  7. Anyone who agrees with this video is an idiot, stop blaming games and do something about bullying or something.

  8. popularizing mass shootings through the media is what causes more people to cross that line. In 2018, it became a 'trend' in the news, in 2019 it became something almost to be expected. in 2020 now that the corona virus outbreak occurred there is absolutely 0 news about mass shootings or school shootings, and that might be because the schools are closed so kids dont have anyone to shoot at now, or it could be that those mass shooters were influenced by the media.

  9. Wars been made years ago before vedeogames , gun inventions are still growing , oh and melitaries need guns ammunition jets ships , same story as a vedeogame.. Welcome to earth. Good and evil.

  10. We had play minecraft.

    Idiot playing minecraft gives you zero combat training otherwise everyone will be in the army 😂😂. Even the kids knew the gun is empty.

  11. red dead redemption 2, your rewarded for being honorable and only killing bad people. You are rewarded for being an honorable person

  12. It really comes down to the state of the mind. Video games inspire violence no more than violent books or tv shows do. And even a font does inspire violence, it’s a very VERY small proportion of gamers that actually act out on it.

  13. People say video games are violent and yet we had 2 of some of the most deadly wars our planet as seen yet way before video games existed and then the torture methods back in medieval times (the iron maiden the brazen bull the head crusher or the big giant poll that's shoved up someone's a$& and comes out their mouth)

  14. I'm pretty sure if you gave the kid, who was about to shoot up a school, an awesome video game to play, he'd rather stay at home and play said game

  15. I love how he says small but vocal for people who don't believe video games cause violence even though every time I search on Google there is only one article for every 10 that say video games cause violence


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