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Remove the red sun on the bottom side of the box by shifting the single pieces. A puzzle for the patient ones. Hard to predict but somehow calming.

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43 Replies to “The secret of the Setting Sun”


  2. This classic puzzle may be the inspiration behind a computer game called "Unblock Me," which has a very similar combination of sliding pieces and the goal of sliding one piece out through the bottom. The game is free* (in app ads), and comes with about 150 variations grouped by difficulty. By purchasing the app, the user can get more collections of variations. With each puzzle, the game counts the player's moves and when the player solves the variation, the game shows that count and the least number of moves necessary to solve the solution, after which the user may replay the variation, attempting to solve it in that minimum number of necessary moves. As well, if one grows frustrated, many of the perfect solutions are available free online by a general search (Yahoo!, Google, etc.) of "Unblock Me" and the variation number. I found the game fun enough to play all the free variations, frustrating enough to search for solutions, but not so really great as to buy additional variations, though the price was quite tempting. Thanks for showing us how classic this puzzle is. I do so enjoy all your posts.

  3. Amazing. Extra good one. Is there any application for labeling the colors as their enumeration? Yellow = 1, etc. Thank you

  4. Why did you rate it only 3/5 if you yourself gave up (and cheated!)? At least the beginning of the solution does not seem to have an obvious system to it. I think it is surprisingly difficult. And something one can make out of Lego(TM).

  5. Just a heads up. I have ordered incense from Thailand. Prepare to wait several weeks for the shipping.

  6. This puzzle was on the SNES game "Lufia 2: the rise of the sinistrals" there was 4 treasure chests on the big piece and was able to do it when I was a kid back then 😀

  7. If you've ever played Professor Layton game, you would know this sliding puzzle by the name 'Princess in the Box'

  8. Thank you for the review. This one looks like a lot of fun. There is an iPhone app called UnBlock Me which is exactly like this but has thousands of possible starting positions. It’s a real challenge sometimes and thoroughly enjoyable. I highly recommend it.

  9. That game is quite easy actually , I played that before and it took me less than 30 moves…I guess… I never counted

  10. A symmetrical puzzle should be able to perform the moves but starting with the left, and not the right

  11. Why do I feel like I've seen….wait a minute!
    Ah, memories!

  12. It looks a lot like Klotsky(?) and old Polish game adapted for Windows, some decades ago. That game had a lot of different levels/initial configurations. Some toy company sold the game as 'traffic controller', shaping the pieces as cars, trucks and buses. In all cases the objective was the same, remove the 'master' piece from the frame…

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