The Sims 4: Kindergarten Game Theme – pt 1 Ms. Applegate Bullies Lilly!


The Sims 4 Kindergarten Game Edition Is Here! Ms Applegate Is Just As Crazy As The Real Game Along With All The Students You Love
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  1. you can just see when bug was in rage mode he was thinking about breaking the doll house but Mrs. Applegate already broke it lol hahahahahahahhahahahhahhhaahhahhahahahahahhahhahahhahha

  2. Bijuu: it's me reese's peanut butter cups

    Me:*is just so happening to be eating reese's peanut butter cups* Hm? WAIT WHA-

  3. Why were there toddler beds, toddler pottys and highchairs lol? Whoever made that house didn't realize Kindergarten ages are 5, not toddlers who wear diapers lol

  4. I know that I'm late to yt but I'm not new to sims you noob you know that you can kill sims if they get too uncomfortable. EX if they get too hungry they can starve or if the get too tired the faint idiot

  5. Between Principle of the Thing from Baldi's Basics and The Principle from Kindergarten, which one worse? I say the latter.

  6. You baka bijuu mike why even children watch this so no i think i need to clean my eyes with a anime lol but still dont do that for the views


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