Tyranny: 5 Tips for Character Creation & Development – No Spoilers! – Tyranny Tutorial


Five tips for character creation and development in Tyranny, the new RPG by Obsidian, creators of Pillars of Eternity, Fallout: New Vegas and many other beloved role-playing games. I tried to compile my experience during my let’s play of the game into these videos to help other players and provide a tutorial for Tyranny of sorts. If you want more Tyranny tips please have a look at the full playlist (link below) or have a look at my let’s play series to see me play Tyranny from start to finish. Enjoy!

All Tyranny Tips / Tyranny Tutorials:

Let’s play playlist:

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  1. Good info, good tips, really valuable but seriously dude you're creepy af, maybe go back a lil bit from the camera or something lol?

  2. I just couldn't get into the Pillars of Eternity story. It's very depressing. But I enjoy how you can make choices, and the combat was sound. Also, like the character creation for Pillars. Don't like how in Pillars you are some sort of death viewer of the dead and can talk to the dead.

  3. Your content is so awesome, but you look scary ;p Sit more straight, don't hunch like that, smile a bit more, I don't know ;d

  4. Personally I think the option to go for on eof the Talents that let you defend all attacks with Parry (or Dodge) is a better choice for a meele fighter than to level both.

  5. Tip for starting a full mage PC. Staff auto attack damage is based on might and causes a longer refresh. Use unarmed attacks instead if you even auto attack at all. This keeps your refresh much lower allowing spells to be cast off cooldown or as needed.


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