Tyranny: Mage Solo POTD/Ironman/Expert – Ascension Hall | Solo Build


This video include two fights in Vendrien Well , one with Matani Sybil and the fight at Ascension Hall with a solo Archon of Secrets cosplayed build , i mean the using magic parts… ( just a fancy name for the build )

This build actually less superior than the melee builds , things started to get easier when you hit lvl8 but the dmg output is still medicore throughout the game until the very last moment when you have all the sigils. Compared to other melee builds which shine the most around lvl15-16 then started to steam-roll the whole game.


— Start as War Mage , select Forst Spells on both primary and secondary expertises. This way you will get the energy shield as starting skill.
Attributes: 8 Might | 10 Fin | 14 Quick | 8 Vit | 18 Wits | 10 Res
Max Wits later then get at least 15 Quick , then move on to max Fin.

— Put all your points into Dodge , yeah… the archer will give you hella trouble early game.
In the end of Bastard City conquest , side with Scarlet Chorus to get Fire Sigil early game, its the only way to get fire spells in act l.

— Things get really rough early game , you need a shield and shield mastery talent to have easier times surviving. Use small shields to counter ranged enemies and heavy shields for melee enemies. Use any small dagger you can get for low recovery.

— Train lore then Dodge then Parry. For offensive spell , use Fire/Ice spell , mod them with Forstfire Sigil and you will always have Frozen/Burn effects on enemies all day long…

— Stunt isnt much useful as they shake it off really fast , while being frozen would take ’em forever to strike.

– Path recommended: Anarchy ( because you’ll able to visit every area , therefore getting all the sigils/runes and all the elixirs of attributes )
– Quick look at the build in the end of the video , full build is up:
– Other finished builds for POTD:

– Songs used:
Fools Garden – Lemon Tree (Mike Wit Garabatto Remix)

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  1. This game looks awesome. Is there any kind of necromancer skill? I mean, conjuring monsters or even something like Essence drain?


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