Ultimate PSP Emulator Pack 2.0 [Download]


It’s finally here!! The long awaited update to my PSP Emulator Pack!!

Instructions & Download:

PSP must be running custom firmware in order for the emulators to work. Follow the steps below. If your PSP is currently running custom firmware, proceed to STEP 2.

Watch video on how to install PSP Custom Firmware 6.61 PRO Infinity:

Emulator Pack: | On “Whoops” screen, click “Download” | On Google Scan screen, click “Download anyway”


NOTE: If you only want certain emulators or if you’re getting any corruption errors, you can download each emulator 1 at a time here:

NesterJ (NES) –
Snes9xTYL (Super NES) –
DaedalusX64 (Nintendo 64) –
Homer’s RIN (Game Boy Color) –
gpSP (Game Boy Advance) –
PicoDrive (Sega Genesis/Megadrive) –
MasterBoy (Sega Master System/Game Gear) –
CPS1PSP (Capcom Play System 1) –
CPS2PSP (Capcom Play System 2) –
MVSPSP (Neo Geo) –

Extract the RAR file to your desktop.

Copy your selected emulators to your PSP’s GAME folder:

Nguồn: https://twentyfiveautumn.com/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://twentyfiveautumn.com/game/


  1. Mine worked like a charm!! My psp keeps crashing when I play games from the capcom 2 emulator. Games i really wanna play like marvel vs capcom. Anyone else having problems with this? Thanks in advance.

  2. how did you change the menu icon and background of each emulator?it;s simple i like it. but want to know how? thanks btw

  3. WoW! thanks for this.
    Was going to get from
    The torrent file that I'm getting is 73.2GB shame there are only 2 seeders BOO!!! Wait! my bad. I thought this was a collection of PSP games haha.. I re-read the description.

  4. i have a problem with Snes9xTYL [0.4.2] on my PSP 2000 (6.61 Pro-C infinite), i hope your wisdom can help me.
    The thing is that when i close the emulator and i want to return to the PSP Menu, Snes9xTYL crashes dramatically. First, appears some yellow vertical bars on the left side of the screen that goes on the right and slowly cover the whole screen. Then the PSP shuts down.
    This not happens every time i go back to PSP menu, just some times, randomly, after have been played different games (some times after i have played the same game, sometimes crashes and other times it does not).
    I tried to delete the folder with the emulador from de SD of my PSP, but didn't work. Anything you could suggest me to fix this and stop this annoying issue it would be great, and i would be super thankful.
    Greetings and thank you all in advance.

  5. What up man do i copy the whole folder or a particular file to iso folder it just shows corrupted data i have a psp1001 and i have LME custom firmware thanks

  6. AWESOME project and efforts for the psp but can you upload just the emulators without the roms in it because that would be nice since the size wouldn't be as big like with the roms in it. THANKS A BUNCH MAN!!

  7. Hey bro hows it going i live in la im trying to screen record and or play online with my psp i have a 1000 and a 3000 model i also have laptop if needed would you have a way to record gameplay?

  8. great vid easy to follow everything works besides the NES (nesterj) wont find roms in the folder just an empty folder on psp but its full when connected to pc? any help would be great

  9. You should use TempGBA instead of gpSP take a look at this discussion on reddit, TempGBA has higher compatibility and a better render. https://www.reddit.com/r/PSP/comments/9engfp/tempgba_mod_vs_uo_gpsp_kai/
    also for arcade emulation use retroarch, the cores are always being updated unlike using outdated homebrew emulators. https://buildbot.libretro.com/stable/1.8.7/playstation/psp/

  10. Hey bro very good compilation of emulators, all works for me except the snes for some strange reason, I open it and freezes on a black screen in which I have to remove the battery forcibly, also i look for different versions in the internet and all give me a similar error as far as I could get was the disclaimer and when I give the x to start it freeze again, I need your help I have a psp 3004 with 6.61LME-2.3 infinity, keep it up with the good work.

  11. A lot of the games like snes stuff don't work on the emulator it just crashes and shuts down the psp 3001. Any idea why? I can get n64 mario to work some others but doesn't seem snes emulator works tried with so many roms and they just crash my console and it shuts down have to reboot it to start up again.

  12. Great instructions. Can I add Nintendo 64 games to the rom I downloaded from u. I think I only have Mario 64 on there. Thanks

  13. I downloaded the files and only got the two Capcom emulators to play. The rest say Corrupted Data. I also downloaded the emulators individually to see if that'll work and it didn't. Any advice?

  14. Hello thanks for the video but I have a question:

    I understand that on emu mame4all I will not play games with cps1,2 neo geo but I have to use separate emu?

    What about games like Cadillac, Punisher, Vendetta etc.?

    So far, I haven't found my favorite games running under Mame4all (can't see them)

  15. NuyoBoy87
    i was always Amazed i must admit i still am Amazed thanks to all the developers who contributed in making this work and to be used to its fullest capacity. good work
    everybody and please support those who need our support so that other things can be
    developed – THANK YOU to All..

  16. Everything works except nesterj doesn't recognize the roms. I can see them in the rom folder via usb on the pc, but nothing i the rom folder when I run nesterj on psp.

  17. Just bought my first psp. Yes I know very sad. Followed this guide to the letter and also the installation of cfw and it worked a treat!. Thank You very much mate. Your a legend! Cheers


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