Verizon Sony Xperia Z3v video review


Behold, the Sony Xperia Z3v on Verizon. And with it, this short video review. It’s the first of the latest generation of Sony phones to hit the U.S., but it does so with a strange nod to the past.

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  1. Hey dude… Now i brought the same mobile sony xperia z3v [verizon]…. But the waterproof caps are broken and it is now water dagamed and the display is not working but the touch is working… So how can you help me

  2. I'm in love with this phone. Thought I was gonna hate it after carrier circumstances prevented me from getting the proper Z3, but the admittedly cheaper-looking design hasn't turned me off as much as I thought it would, especially after getting a nice skin for it. I don't quite understand the hate when it's almost identical in function to its non-Verizon counterpart…

  3. stop comparing the z3v's speakers with the HTCs because the HTC was much more expensive and made the speakers one of the main good things in the phone just like the z3v with its waterproof 

  4. So glad I'm not with verizon, this phone looks like a xperia Z prototype from 2 years ago. Can't believe they have tried to pass this as a Z3.

  5. I would not buy this version. I would rather get the $650 unlocked version of the REAL Z3 and then take it to any carrier.

  6. So i called verizon and asked them why they keep putting their name right infront of all their phones… they said they need to remind us who is money fucking us. nice answer verizon well done lol.

  7. Compact would've been better. Verizon has no small devices worth a look. All of them have mid range specs. This will just get lost in the mix, Verizon will blame it on Sony, and stores most likely won't have these in stock.

  8. Its essentially a Z3 in a Z2 body with a screen somewhere in the middle in terms of brightness, side by side it looked as bright as the One M8 and brighter than the Note 4. Its only 1/20th of an inch thicker than the Z3. The speaker quality is excellent and second only to HTC boomsound but its very close. Ended up getting it because the screen looked so nice and the design looked so nice and feels good in hand compared to the Note.

  9. Why is everyone complaining about this phone? Don't like the logo, get a case. I am honestly excited to get this phone because it's different. Sick of iPhone, don't care about Samsung.

  10. That is a Z2. Was at Verizon just today playing with it. Abit chunky then the Z2 tho, shame on you Verizon/Sony for passing this off as a Z3.


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