What exactly should you do in the middlegame?


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After the opening stage, you reach a complex middlegame position with plenty of possibilities and have this big question in front of your eyes: what am I to do next?

That’s why I’ve prepared a lesson where I’ll provide you with one simple yet very powerful and must-know rule about middlegame plans. 🙂 I’ll also share with you the complete middlegame play system.

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  1. These types of advantage show like opponent have undeveloped rook is very small and neglegible ,
    I found Rac1 in the very first position but my real problem is that i always manage to have good position from the opening but because of my this hidden talent i somehow manage to blunder or make mistakes and than i have to resign
    Throughout the game i play like a master, with dominance, good position, but….

  2. There are some positions where moving your rook is unnecessary or weakening. The middle game is where intuition & instincts come in. It has to be learned, not taught.

  3. In a nutshell, this video only explained to keep your rooks on the open file which i believe everyone is already aware of but still thanks for the info !

  4. Opening ends generally when all the pieces are developed in the most active square possible and rooks are connected. Middlegame is about Finding key weaknesses in opponent's position, creating more weakness ( Backward pawn, Isolated pawn, Dark and light square weaknesses, shutting down their active pieces in opponent's position and then trying to attack the weakness. One of the key idea of middlegame is manoeuver the pieces to the best squares and then preparing to attack opponent's king. Activating the rooks is the part of Opening.

  5. you should make a videos that answers qustions of the people that went on the survey you said and you should make a video that says what to do in the middle game and more ideas about what to do in the middle game.

  6. looks you did mistakes on middle game …….when all the pieces are developed called a middle game …..and you still developing rooks all the time that's not the part of middle game….

  7. I appreciate your use of sub-titles for those with hearing difficulties, but, they are interfering with the chess board image. Since the board is on the left of the screen, could you, perhaps, arrange to have the sub-titles displayed over on the right of the screen?

  8. Thank you for the video. I often stall in the middle game without a plan. This video helped me move forward and it became easier to decide what to do after my rooks were developed. I won my next couple games against a computer level I have struggled with. Cheers.

  9. Mr. Igor, if I already own your courses Grandmaster secrets and Your winning plan and if I think I've mastered them, do you think this course would be needed/good addition?

  10. thanks a lot , what is the system you use in thinking in each move , you see your opponent's move first or see your plans first or search for tactics or strategy … can you make video on this system .


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